The Latest News from the Club


At an EGM of the Club in November, the Committee made a proposal to the membership to increase membership fees from January 2017 and to change the way that the membership is run.

We all are more than aware that cost in almost every aspect of life are rising and that effects the costs to run the Club too, most noticeably in our rental costs and insurances. We have for the past few years sought to keep membership costs as low as possible and indeed the fees have been ‘pegged’ for some time.

However, it became clear in the Autumn, that unless we took action quickly, the Club could well become unviable and have to close.

The Committee looked long and hard at our costs, income projections and the possibility of alternative venues and funding, but sadly the only viable option at this time was to propose an increase in the membership fees we charge.

At the EGM, the causes of the proposed rises were discussed and it was explained that whilst the Committee were proposing a raise, it was aimed at a level that was comparable with other air target shooting clubs of a similar structure to our own.

The proposed fees were put to the vote and those members present at the EGM voted unanimously to accept the Committee’s proposal.

The fees for Membership of the Club from January 2017 are as follows:

FULL MEMBERSHIP (Adult)          £40

FULL MEMBERSHIP (Junior)         £20

FULL MEMBERSHIP (Student)     £20

FAMILY MEMBERSHIP (2 Adult, 2 Child)     £100

Weekly GREEN FEES have been pegged at the same rate as last year;

£4.00 per session with full use of Club equipment
      £3.50 per session using own weapons

In addition, we have changed the dates when membership becomes due. In the past, if members joined the Club part way through the year, they were charged a pro-rata fee depending upon how much of the year was left. All memberships being then due in Janaury of the new year.

From now on, when a new member joins, membership shall be for a full 12 months commencing from the date they join. For those of you who are existing members, your memberships will run from Janaury. We will advise you in advance when your membership of the Club is due to expire.

By now, most of you should have received and email from us with a membership reminder and a number of forms. We ask that you complete the required forms and return them to us at the Club along with your membership fees as soon as possible.


Now that we are technically ‘back to normal’, we would just like to remind you all that the Club will re-open as normal on WEDNESDAY 11 JANUARY, with the first detail shooting off at 19:30hrs.

Generally, we are at the Club from 19:00hrs setting up the range ready for the first detail so if you are available earlier, please do come along and help us to set up the range.

Similarly, with the final detail shooting at 20:50hrs, we aim to start closing down at 21:00hrs and again, any help to put things away would be greatly appreciated.


The Club has undergone a lot of changes during the past year. We have grown significatly, won some significant grants, gained the INSPORT ribbon and have high aspirations for future growth.

All of this does not just happen over night and behind the sceans, we have a dedicate team, AKA the COMMITTEE. The Committee are volunteers. We dont get paid for doing the job and pay membership fees like you. Each year we volunteer to serve on the Committee and are voted in to office by you the membership.

OK, we enjoy what we do but it can also be a sacrifice and can be a commitment.

We are alwys on the lookout for new blood, fresh ideas or just a different approach to the way we do things. Perhaps you can help.

If you are in a position to help us out please do have a chat with another member of the Committee or contact me by email.

Since Alex had to leave us earlier in the year, John our treasurer has also been filling in the space as the Match Secretary. So we are looking for another volunteer here to fill that role. You will be looking after all of the domestic competitions, entry forms, scoring etc and for promoting external competitions and enlisting people to enter into them.

Once again, if you are in a position to help us out please do have a chat with another member of the Committee or contact me by email.