Being members of the Scout Association and the Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan Shooting Activity Team, Richie Phillips, Dave Carpenter and John Lawrence were instrumental in the setting up of the Club.

Being members of the National Smallbore Rifle Association (the NSRA) and the Welsh Airgun Association (the WAA), the three are keen advocates in the sport of Air Target Shooting.

In the running of the County Shooting team and through their Scouting activities, they actively train individuals in air target shooting annually, from fun competitions through to the Youth Proficiency Scheme (YPS)

During these activities, they were often asked the question as to where the individuals could continue their enjoyment of shooting once they had been bitten by the bug!. However, at that time there were few Clubs that they could approach to join.

As a result, both Richie and Dave saw the obvious need for an air target shooting club based in central Cardiff, to which anyone aged 10 or above could join and shoot and be coached to shoot air rifle and pistol using .177 calibre guns at distances of 6 yards and 10 meters.

The Club would be open to any suitable persons subject to serving a probationship period and was to be independent of the Scout movement, thus allowing for easier access to all.

Eventually a suitable venue was found and the BAYDEN Air Target Club was set up in the late spring of

2010 and has grown steadily from there.

Now rebranded as the CARDIFF BAY AIR TARGET CLUB, we continue to build on these solid foundations to grow the Club and encourage individuals to participate in a great sport.

The Club’s aims and objectives are simple:

To promote and further the support in the sport of air target shooting;

To offer instruction and training to members and educate them in the rules of the sport and the regulations affecting the use, ownership and possession of air weapons;

To provide a venue where the sport and competition can be safely practiced;

To support and affiliate to such regional, national and /or international bodies whose aims and objectives coincide with those of the Club, i.e. National Small Bore Rifle Association (NSRA) or the Welsh Air Gun Association (WAA).

In late 2014, we started down the road to our new goal, that of offering those with a disability to enjoy the sport. To this end, we have teamed up with INSPORT, an organisation established to help get more people with disabilities to actively participate in sport. With their aid, we are working towards becoming more disabled friendly, helping to cater more specifically for their needs so that we can all participate on a more even level.

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