1. Only air rifles and air pistols of approved type and having acceptable proofing together with the appropriate ammunition will be allowed (.22 is NOT allowed).

2. The Range Control Officers have the authority to refuse any air gun or ammunition on the range if they consider either to be unsafe or inappropriate.

3. Shooting may only take place when the range is SAFE.

4. In the interest of SAFETY, there must be a qualified Coach, or instructor and at least one other adult present together before shooting may commence.

5. The Range Control Officer will appoint Assistants as required to run the firing point and / or other duties.

6. The Assistant Range Control Officers are in complete charge of the proceedings under the Range Control Officer.

7. Nobody will advance forward of the firing point unless authorised by the Range Control Officer.

8. Any person pointing an air gun at another person or persons in any circumstances what so ever and whether loaded or otherwise, of being found guilty of any practice which in the opinion of the Committee on the report from the Range Control Officer of the day, will be liable to expulsion from the Club.

9. Members are reminded that it is an offence to carry any firearm exposed in any public place.

10. On Range Premises, air guns will be unloaded and proved safe at all times even when they are on the Firing Point (see 11 and 12) or they are properly stowed within their carrying cases or other receptacle for transport or holstered.

11. At the firing point, no air gun will be touched or loaded during a cease fire.

12. Air guns may be handled and / or loaded ONLY after the Range Officer has so advised, for the resumption of shooting, or has given specific permission.

13. Members wishing to demonstrate, show, or coach others with an air gun must first take the same to the designated area.

14. On the command STOP STOP STOP, all air guns will be unloaded immediately and placed with actions open and safety flags inserted, on the bench and with their muzzles pointing towards the targets.

15. Should there be any cause for the shooting to be interrupted on any Range and for whatever reason, the call STOP STOP STOP by anyone will be obeyed immediately and the air gun made safe as in 14 above.

16. Any Member of spectator seeing that the Range is NOT safe, MUST call STOP STOP STOP and has the same authority in such an emergency as the Range Officer.

17. During shooting, should there be a jam or other stoppage with either air gun or target, the shooter will raise his/her disengaged arm to attract the attention of the Range Officer who will deal with the matter according to the appropriate rules .

18. When shooting is in progress, all other Members will have the courtesy of observing reasonable silence to avoid any distraction what so ever, and will assist the Range Officer in ensuring that only the permitted number of shooters and others are on the firing point and the others are standing well back from the firing point.

Every club or society has some rules and regulations. The CARDIFF BAY AIR TARGET CLUB is no different. The rules are mostly common sense but there are some that ensure that we conform to the laws of the UK, and that we can maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for us to practice the sport in.
19. The Committee Members impress on ALL Members that it is one of the conditions of their membership that they should help maintain a tidy range. All dangerous and potentially dangerous rubbish, which may be found, shall be responsibility of the finder to remove. A TIDY RANGE IS A SAFE RANGE.

20. Competitive shooting will always be carried out in accordance with the rules of the NSRA, NRA, ISSF or other properly constituted Body as may be relevant, and may be modified by the local range conditions.

21. Other than when taking part in special competitions as arranged from time to time all shooting will be carried out from behind the benches or tables provided at 6 yards to 10 meters.

22. All Range Control Officers will endeavour to give the following details ample warning so that they may pre pair for their own detail.

23. Until a beginner has satisfied all of the conditions laid down in the Constitution, he or she will be required to be supervised by a Club Instructor or Authorised Senior Member at all times in the interests of safety and will comply with all instructions given by the said supervision.

24. Details vacating the Firing Point will do so as quickly as possible and with the minimum of disturbance to others.

25. Club Coaches and other instructors may not supervise more than two beginners at a time and these must be on adjacent firing positions.

26. The rules applying to any discipline will be clearly explained to each and every detail before their match begins.

27. Except as provided by the Range Control Officer and unless a Cease Fire is in force, no shooter may approach the firing point without the permission of the Range Control Officer or leave it with out weapon clearance by the Range Control Officer.

28. Spectators at the Club are expected to keep well back, to the rear of the firing point and must not approach the firing point.

29. Coaching during matches of any kinds will be at the sole discretion of the Range Control Officer, and will only be allowed on a supervisory basis with for beginners only, to comply with safety standards.

30. Competitors will be told the Match Rules, such that they are left in no doubt as to which rules govern the shoot taking place.

31. No smoking is allowed in the indoor range.

32. No mobile phones or other communication devices or electronic devices are allowed on the range which may be of disturbance to self and others whilst they are shooting.

33. No junior member is allowed in the gun storage area unless supervised by an officer of the Club.

34. No junior member is to carry any gun to or from the gun storage area.

35. Only officers training in its use are authorised to operate the divers bottle in order to re-charge any gun.



The CARDIFF BAY AIR TARGET CLUB has, in line with recommendations from the NSRA, a CLUB CONSTITUTION. This publication details the rules and regulations under which the Club is run. The Constitution is not detailed in this site.
However, copies of the Constitution are available to ALL members upon request to the Secretary.