The Olympic Games that were staged here in the UK in 2012 and then followed by the London Paralympic Games was a great inspiration to thousands of disabled and able bodied people alike. It proved to be a catalyst to getting people to be involved in sport for the first time.

Focusing on those with a disability, Disability Sport Wales was established and tasked with the responsibility for helping maintain the momentum generated by both the Olympic and Paralympic Games and to transform lives by helping people young and old to get hooked on sport.

Disability Sport Wales is a progressive charity, which works in tandem with Sport Wales, delivers support across Wales to reduce barriers for disabled people and strives towards a vision where more disabled people are involved in sport, are active and remain engaged for longer.

In 2012, Disability Sport Wales launched the ambitious inSport training and accreditation programme across Wales, with financial support from The St. James’s Place Foundation of £202,000.

The vision was to inspire more than 10,000 disabled people to take up regular sport for the first time, and dramatically change the way governing bodies, sports clubs and gyms serve disabled people. The Foundation has funded the development of extensive web-based tools, expansive training and a national accreditation programme.

The CARDIFF BAY AIR TARGET CLUB have always encouraged the disabled to participate in the sport of air target shooting. However, we need to do this in a fair way that offers the disabled every opportunity to compete on a level field. We are no experts, but we have a vision to build upon.

So we have teamed up with Disability Sport Wales and have enrolled on their Insport programme. Designed by Disability Sport Wales (DSW) the insport programme supports clubs provide supporting opportunities for disabled people. The four stage programme includes four levels of achievement- Ribbon, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Currently we are working toward gaining the basic level of accreditation, called the InSport Ribbon. This means that the Club sets up a structure that is robust and has been judged by the Disability Sport Wales panel as being suitable and supportive of any potential disabled person who may wish to join us.

This means putting policies in place and gaining additional training for people such as first aiders, coaches and helpers, and tweaking our organisation here and there perhaps.

The Disability Sport Wales team are vital in helping us achieve our goal of being able to integrate the disabled shooter into our Club and have been extremely helpful to us so far. We are hoping to complete the necessary standard to achieve the InSport Ribbon Accreditation by the end of the summer.

But we, don’t want to stop there. We can see no reason why we cannot build upon the Ribbon Accreditation and work toward the BRONZE Award and already have plans in place with the hope that we can gain this standard by then end of 2016.

So obviously, a lot of hard work to do and a long way to go, but we have set ourselves the goal and a target date and that’s what we will do!